Anniversary Specials

May 12, 2011

The latest specials are in! You let your voices be heard, and here’s the outcome!

A few weeks ago, I asked you for your input, letting you create your own special. I received all kinds of great reactions. One of the funnier suggestions involved dinner and a show in New York or London, followed by champagne and caviar in a prestigious night club. If I were running a dating site, that would be my top pick!

Some other suggestions were great, but not specific enough, or they were for offers that already exist.

A few others contained wonderful ideas, yet had to be fine-tuned a bit.

Today, I’m revealing the outcome of your ideas – some mixed with mine!

Also, I believe I also got back to everyone who emailed me privately as well as on the blog. If by some chance I missed you, please let me know and I still will.

So here are the new specials you helped me create:

Renaissance Resource Special – Free copy of Barbara Sher’s “Refuse to Choose”

Even though Renaissance Personalities/scanners share many of the same challenges, their situations and preferences are always unique. You guys need individual attention.

That’s why I decided not to create a one-size-fits-all special for this special bunch. Of course, there’s already the Renaissance Strategy Session special that is now available for $175 vs. $247. In addition, I am gifting everyone that signs up for one of my renaissance services – whether it’s resume development or coaching – Barbara Sher’s book “Refuse to Choose” that is dedicated entirely to “scanners.” (If you already own it, we’ll get you another title that shouldn’t be missing from your shelves.)

The-Fun-Starts-At-50-Special – Free 50-minute group coaching session, 5 people max.

(Also for those who are trying to get off welfare or off disability or getting back into the workforce after a long hiatus. Join the club!)

Ok. I totally get that for many of you, the 50+ landscape isn’t looking all that funny. That’s why you all wrote to me about a special for this special bunch. 50+ and effected by job cuts.

However, eternal optimist that I am, I firmly believe you can always start over, or make something of a challenging situation. That’s based on the experiences of many 50+ clients of mine.

The key to their success? Networking!

So here’s the deal: I’ll hold a maximum of 2 free, 50-minute sessions per month for the rest of the year. Dates and times will be announced on FaceBook and twitter and directly to those who indicate their interest. So if you qualify and are interested; email Julie ASAP ( to secure your spot!

Each group will have a maximum of 5 people, and you each get 50 seconds to ask me your most burning question. I will answer you AND leave room for everyone in the group to brainstorm and network. It’s the power of collective ideas and connections!

The Customer Loyalty Anniversary Special – 15% off

Even though I already offer great savings on packages vs. a la carte services, I want to honor Mary’s request who asked for a customer loyalty special. However, 50% off resume-writing services will jeopardize my mortgage payments. So here’s what I came up with…

If you engage CareerBranches’ services and come back within one year for more, you receive 15% off any service you purchase, whether it’s a la carte or a package.

Mary then asked: “Also, if we refer additional people during the year who opt to purchase either the Renaissance Strategy, Resume writing or Career Strategy services then possibly offer 15% off another service?”

Mary: wish granted…you got it! And everyone else who refers a new client.

The Expat Special – 10% off any service …a la carte or packaged

If you want to work abroad as an expat or if you are currently an expat looking to repatriate, this one is for you!

That’s all. Inspired by a client who is looking to move back to his home country and make a career change going after his dream job. When I hear those words, how can I resist?

Here are existing specials that are still good:

Family Anniversary Special – 10% off for each partner

If you and your partner sign up for CB services at the same time, you both receive 10% off your total investment. It doesn’t matter whether one of you wants a resume and coaching package and the other just a new LinkedIn profile.

I’m simply rewarding going it together with your significant other, and lightening the financial investment at the same time.

Burnt-By-Another-Resume-Writing-Firm-Special – 20% off

For all of you who have recently paid – and been burnt by – another resume-writing firm, take 20% off your total project investment so you can still get it done right…the second time around!

My normal fee range for from-scratch-resumes including cover letters is $995 – $1,595+.

(Note: I am a firm believer in resolving issues and misunderstandings with the original writer, so please try that route first. And no; I will not mediate between the two of you.  :  )

The Renaissance Strategy Session and the Career Strategy Session are also still part of our specials! The deal is: $175 instead of $247.


“I only wish I figured out I’m a Renaissance Personality a long time ago…”

If there’s one thing I consistently hear newly-found-out Renaissance Personalities say, it is that.

Often, parents are the ones who are then being brought into the mix. How they didn’t understand you. How they pushed you in the wrong directions…

Cue video by Barbara Sher (the Grande Dame of scanners aka RPs) that I recently watched on YouTube. You can see it here:

She talks about how no parent is able to truly understand who you are. “There’s no way of knowing who your children are because they’re not a copy of you,” Barbara says.

When I first saw this video, it gave me a sense of relief, even though I never blamed my parents for not understanding my personality type.

But there’s something reassuring to know that you didn’t – somehow – miss the boat because YOUR PARENTS (for crying out loud…those parents again…don’t they screw us up anyway?) didn’t figure you out when you were young. There could have been no other way.

So I figured that if this video made me feel better, it might definitely help those of you who are walking around with parent issues.

I personally know a few RPs who grew up with RP parents – or at least 1 RP parent. These folks were fortunate not only that their parents are also RPs but that they chose careers that were off the beaten path. Therefore, these people had examples of what life can be like when you make “different” choices.

For the rest of us, it was just plain tough. Right?

We had to figure it all out for ourselves.

That’s also what Barbara is talking about in the video.

What say you?

The video is less than 4 minutes…go watch it! (Barbara’s little doggie’s hooded outfit alone is worth watching the video for!)

In this week’s column “J.T. and Dale Talk Jobs,” J.T. referenced yours truly when answering a reader’s question about the right career path for him. J.T. suggested the reader might be, what I call, a Renaissance Personality, and mentioned a hybrid career to him; basically two separate careers, simultaneously.

Here’s a link to one of the outlets that published the column.

A hybrid career is indeed a great way to satisfy a multi-passionate personality’s craving for variety and new experiences. But there are other ways of shaping your life and your career if you’re wired like a Renaissance man or woman.

If you’re someone who gets bored fast, then project-based work could be a god sent.

However, if you’re able to stay interested in a topic or field for quite some time – say several years – you could pursue work in this field, stay in it for as long as you like, and whenever you hit your X-year itch, switch!

How to just switch without going back to school for another 4 years, you wonder?

By volunteering in the field while still employed in your other job, or by taking on part-time jobs or projects in this field to start out with. You can get a feel for a new field by shadowing someone.

And, you want to be strategic about your choices. See if you can use and hone skills in your current job that you know will be of value in your next endeavor – provided you already know what that will be. You probably know more than you give yourself credit for.

Another option for Renaissance Personalities is to pursue your many interests and passions in your free time and pick a day job that provides stable income and suits your needs. For example; one with no to very little stress and overtime so you’ll have enough time and energy to enjoy your off-time activities.

Also, be strategic about the industry you pick for your day job. If traveling is one of your passions, might as well try to get a job with an airline or travel company. The husband of a friend of mine works in IT for a travel agency and the family enjoys 20% off their family vacations! Not bad.

Another option could be a teaching job where you enjoy crazy time off! This will give you time to travel, create your art, set up your personal projects, build a house, or do whatever it is you need time for.

So try to match the perks your day job offers you with your other interests, whenever possible.

Yet another way to create a Renaissance life is to hunt for an umbrella career; satisfying multiple passions in one job. These are harder to get by, but worthwhile. An example would be a foreign correspondent if you love to write, travel, and are into politics. Or a food critic if you love to write, love food, and can’t stand the idea of sitting in a cubicle all day.

The one thing all of these jobs – other than the day jobs – have in common is that it requires creativity on your part. You have to carve out your own path and dare to ask for unconventional arrangements.

Start by making a list of all the things – activities, hobbies, work, fields – you’re interested in and want to experience.

Next, narrow your list down to the things you want to do professionally. If you’re not sure…just add them. You’re not committing for life here!

Then make a list of your values and narrow it down to the top three. What’s most important to you in life? Stability? Money? Freedom? Adventure? Family? Team work? Harmony? Exploration? Pioneering? The list goes on. Find out what really matters to you.

Now take your top three values and see how they match up with your list of interests. Find the ones that overlap. After all, if your values are at odds with your daily activities, you won’t be happy for long.

Make a new list with only the activities/interests that overlap with your values and prioritize them – if this is easy for you. Is there something you are just dying to do first? Put it at the top. If you don’t have clear preferences, this is ok, as long as you don’t get stuck in overanalyzing things. Instead of just picking one, pick two or three. One or two you can start doing for money, and another you’ll do in your free time.

You’re almost there!

Take a close look at everything you’ve done in your life; professionally and for fun. Write down all the skills and knowledge you may have taken for granted. Warning: for most Renaissance Personalities, this may take some time!

Try to see where you have skills and abilities that you could transfer into a new field or job.

And, most importantly; get out there! Talk to people about what you want, what you’re looking for, and ask them what they do and how they got there. Never try doing it on your own.

There you have it – a crash course in career planning, Renaissance style. Of course there’s a lot more to it, depending on your particular type of Renaissance Personality. But hopefully this got you started – and that’s half the battle…truly!

If you want to read real-life stories of Renaissance Personalities who have done this – and other posts on this topic, please browse my blog.

(You can sign up for J.T. and Dale’s question column here:

Are you putting two and two together and ending up with a big mess?

This is what I’m talking about: some of you think you need to turn your renaissance personality into a brand when you’re changing jobs or careers.


Let’s separate the two (renaissance personality and personal brand):

A renaissance personality is just that; a personality type. You either are one or you’re not. You can’t develop this and turn into one if you’re not, and if you are, you can’t try pretending you’re more of a specialist. (Well, you could pretend, but let me assure you that disaster will be the result of your effort.)

A personal brand is what makes an employer salivate to hire you. It’s what really sets you apart and that has bottom-line value to an employer. It’s also something you do consistently.

Yes, your personal brand can also be based on your personality, but most often it is a combination of a specific skill or ability and the way you generate results.

The most important thing to understand is that your personal brand should always be tied in with your “audience.” If you’re going after a marketing position, you’d want to craft a different brand and brand statement than when you’re tapping into your nonprofit fundraising skills.

Being a renaissance man or woman has nothing to do with this.

Unless, of course, in the very unusual event an employer is looking for someone with your eclectic background, skills, and interests. (Hint: this is an anomaly.)

What’s more: you don’t need to tell any prospective employer about your being a renaissance person. They won’t get it. All they may get out of that is the question “when will you leave us to pursue your next passion?”

Always put yourself in the shoes of the hiring person/the employer. What’s in it for them? They want to know why they should hire you. Are you worth your keep – and more? What “problem” can you solve for this organization?

Here’s what you need to understand:

–          A “renaissance personality” is not a brand. It’s simply who you are. (Or who you’re not.)

–          Your brand and brand statement need to change according to your “audience.”

–          As a renaissance personality, you’ll simply have more versions of your personal brand than most people. (But if you’re only after one particular position right now, you’ll only have one version of your brand.)

Again; it’s about being strategic and selective – just as it is for every job seeker. An employer does not need to know about all the different things you’ve done. They should hear about your qualifications that are relevant to them and the position you’re interested in.

One more time…please repeat after me:

Renaissance personality = part of your natural character.

Personal brand = the main things that make you different from the next person in the same job and that would make an employer chase you down the block to offer you a position.


:   )

Renaissance Rehab™

May 24, 2010

You heard me. “Renaissance Rehab™.”

It’s my process I use for renaissance personalities who just found out that’s what they are and who have been struggling to create a life (and career) that fits their unique persona.

Let me explain..

For starters: it’s about being ok with yourself. Very basic, but pivotal.

Next, it’s about really understanding a few truths related to being a renaissance man or woman that can make or break you. Once you wrap your brain around a few basic concepts, you will have created the platform from where to create a renaissance life.

You’re still following me?

When you accept yourself as a renaissance persona, you enjoy having the freedom to enjoy whatever interest you’re pursuing at any given time. (Yes, you read that right…enjoy the freedom to enjoy…because  if you’ve spent many years agonizing whether your current interest is a “real” one – one that you’ll be into for a looooong time and is therefore worth while investing effort, time, maybe money into, you know what I mean here.)

It feels wonderful to give yourself permission to love what you’re doing without worrying whether it will last a life time. You are allowed to let your different interests in, and when you’re done with them, let them go again.

So, if you’re coming from this mindset of trying to find your one, all-consuming passion, this will be a whole new notion for you.

Maybe you already read some of my other posts on this topic or you got my report at my web site and you’re clear about being a renaissance personality.

What typically happens to people who find out about renaissance personalities is that, at first, they’re ecstatic. But later on, doubts creep back in due to a lack of knowledge and in the absence of the tools necessary to actually create a renaissance life for themselves.

Then, I get lots of “what’s next?” questions. You want to know how you can start integrating your personality into your daily life.

To that, I have a very simple answer:

I realized that your mindset is so unbelievably important, especially for renaissance personalities, that I’ve turned it into part of my program. Thing is; many of us were taught to believe something is off with us for not sticking with one career or switching fields once we reach great success.

It’s truly about learning new thoughts and perspectives. Hence “Renaissance Rehab™.”

With me, though, it’s uplifting. I talk about what’s possible and show you new ways of looking at yourself, your life, and your career options.

What do you find the hardest notions to let go of when it comes to being a renaissance personality?

If so: who was this and what was the effect on your life?

How so, you ask?

Well, I’ve been keeping my ear to the ground and I’ve been picking up some chatter I feel needs clarification – fast!

Basically, I heard some interpretations of the renaissance personality concept that made me worry whether there are more folks walking around with the same thoughts.

Here’s what I’m hearing..

Some think “the whole renaissance personality thing” is a strategy; something you pull out of your tool box to advance your career.
Listen up: it’s not a strategy. You either are or aren’t a renaissance man or woman.

It is a personality trait.

Others think being a renaissance person is about branding and finding your niche.
Quite the opposite! Renaissance personalities, by nature, have many “niches.”

Branding and positioning yourself and focusing your job search are things everyone needs to do, including renaissance folks. It’s just a little tougher for them because of their often eclectic backgrounds.

What’s important to understand is that you being a renaissance personality is as much of a choice as being left-brained or right-brained. Or having an aptitude for math or languages.

Then there are those who think they are a renaissance person because they’ve been job hopping. However, when you do this purely for economical reasons, this does not make you a renaissance person.

The most important distinction between a renaissance personality and a more specialized person is that the renaissance man or woman simply cannot help but be drawn to many different fields and topics.

And…they get their satisfaction from the initial learning curve of a new challenge. This explains why it often seems they don’t finish projects. But to them, it *is* finished.

Often, they wish they could specialize “like the rest of society” because it seems like the grass is greener on the specialist side. (Btw, this is one of the myths I’ll be blowing out of the water in my 3-part teleseminar series. Read on for more info on that at the end of this post!)

Last but not least; I also heard some express their worries about needing to fit this renaissance picture to be able to work with me.

I can work with any “regular” professional in career transition, and have been doing exactly that for the past 8 years. In fact, it’s much easier doing that than it is working with renaissance personalities as their situations are much more complex. Creating unique life and career plans for my renaissance clients requires much more creativity than it does for the “specialist” – the opposite of the renaissance person.

The reason I chose to zero in on renaissance folks is that I am absolutely passionate about showing other multi-talented, eclectic men and women: a- that they’re perfectly normal and: b-how to live the kind of life they thought wasn’t possible for them. (But really is if you want to take the steps to turn it into a reality. This is also something I will be teaching in my 3-part teleseminar series…keep on reading..)

Here’s something interesting I’ve been noticing..

The renaissance men and women among you instantly recognize the description of the renaissance personality and typically respond in one of two ways…

“OMG! I’m so glad there is nothing wrong with me! Now I know why I couldn’t stick with one career. Thank you for putting this out there!”


“Thanks for putting a name to what I am. I’ve been living my own “renaissance life” all along but still wondered why I am different. I never knew there are so many others out there with the same trait. Now I can take this to the next level.”
Btw, it is estimated that 10-20% of the population fits the renaissance personality description.

Whenever I speak with people who contact me with the kinds of questions I mentioned above, it usually becomes clear they are indeed not a renaissance person.

Of course there are exceptions to the rule, but maybe we could simplify things by saying that, in general, if you don’t “get” what this is about, it’s most likely not about you. Which is totally ok! This is not about forming an elite group of people. It’s about creating programs and services and a community for those that needlessly suffer from a trait that can be both a blessing and a curse when not understood and managed  appropriately.

But if you’re not a renaissance person; I still love you, and I will gladly work with you too!

If you haven’t read my earlier posts on this topic yet, I recommend you do. They will likely clear up any remaining confusion for you. My free report on the mistakes most renaissance people make is still available on my web site ( Just sign up and you’ll receive it immediately.

If you do feel that you are indeed a renaissance man or woman and you want to know “what to do next,” I’ve got the answer for you! Head over here to read about my unique 3-part teleseminar series.

Finally: a program created especially for you as a renaissance man or woman! I seriously  wish something like this had been around 10 or 20 years ago. It would’ve saved me lots of anguish. The teleseminar series is set up as a mini blueprint to creating your own renaissance life. I’ll lead you step by step. Come join me!  Here’s that link again

It’s starting May 31 and you don’t want to miss it if you’re ready to come out of your “Jack-of-all-trades shell” and step up to the “renaissance plate!”